In vitro permeability and transport studies are performed to assess the potential of oral absorption and distribution of drug candidates. We provide whole range of in vitro tests to characterize properties of small molecules subjected to passive transport- PAMPA.

PAMPA test

The Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeation Assay (PAMPA) is used as an in vitro model of passive, transcellular permeation and absorption of drugs by a PVDF membrane filter pretreated with a solution of the lipid. Passive diffusion is an important factor in determining transport of the drug through the gastrointestinal tract, transport across cell membranes penetration of the blood brain barrier, as well as transport across cell membranes.


Standard PAMPA assay protocol:

Test Compound Concentration 10 μM
Number of Replicates 3
Membrane Composition Lecithin in dodecane (1% v/v)
Incubation Time 16 hours
Temperature Room temperature
Compound Requirements 100 µL of 10 mM DMSO solution
Integrity Marker Lucifer Yellow
Analysis Method LC-MS/MS or HPLC-UV-VIS
Data Delivery Log Pe