Proteinase K 100mg RP100B Recombinant Proteinase K from Tritirachium album expressed in Pichia pastoris is a broad spectrum serine protease. Our recombinant Proteinase K is extensively purified to give highly active preparation devoid of any detectable nuclease activities. It is fully active under dena­turing conditions (e.g. in the presence of urea and/or SDS), what makes it ideal for digesting proteins in variety of applications.
250mg RP101B
1000mg RB102B
1 ml (10 mg/ml) RP105B
1 ml(20 mg / ml) RP107B
TEV Protease 1000 U RP171 Recombinant cysteine protease from Tobacco Etch Virus mainly used for removal of affinity markers from fusion proteins; enzyme concentration: 5 U μl.
10000 U RP172