Proteinase K


Lyophilized powder Proteinase K from Tritirachium album expressed in Pichia pastoris is a broad spectrum serine protease with very high specific activity. Proteinase K is active under wide range of reaction conditions, including elevated temperatures and presence of SDS. It is widely used for digestion of proteins, including DNases and RNases, during nucleic acid preparations without compromising integrity of isolated DNA or RNA.
Pack size Cat. No.
100 mg RP100B
250 mg RP101B
1000 mg RB102B
bulk RB103B
5 g RB103B-5
10 g RB103B-10
50 g RB103B-50
bulk RP107B
1 ml (20mg/ml) RP107B-1
5 ml (20mg/ml) RP107B-5
custom made RP103B-C


Proteinase K


Lyophilized powder Proteinase K NGS Grade is developed for most demanding applications. Additional purification technology results in its significantly increased solubility (≥50 mg/ml) and remarkable purity with DNA content ≤0.1 pg/mg.  Product is available as specially formulated for smooth aliquoting powder or convenient for direct use liquid.
Pack size Cat. No.
100 mg RP100N
250 mg RP101N
1000 mg RB102N
bulk RB103N