T4 DNA Ligase 500 U EN11-050 ATP-dependent recombinant enzyme usedfor molecular cloning, site-directed mutagenesis,nick repair in duplex DNA, RNA orDNA/RNA hybrids, Ligation Mediated PCR;concentration 5 U/μl.
2500 U EN11-250
Quick Ligase 50 rxns EN12-050 ATP-dependent recombinant T4 DNA ligasefor efficient ligation of DNA fragments withcompatible cohesive or blunt ends in 5 and 15 minutes respectively.
150rxns EN12-150
Tth DNA Ligase

250 U

EN13-025 NAD-dependent recombinant ligase fromThermus thermophilus. The ligation will occuronly if oligonucleotides are perfectly pairedto the complementary target DNA and have nogaps between them. Therefore, a single-basesubstitution can be detected. High thermostabilityallows ligation using high-stringencyhybridization conditions. High specificity andstringency permits sensitive detection of SNPs. Equivalent of Ampligase® (Epicentre).

2500 U